10 things to do in Detroit for couples

Detroit is experiencing a renaissance in which the number of activities to do, exhibitions to see and restaurants to try has exploded.

things to do in Detroit for couples.
This is especially nice for couples looking for a way to spend quality time together. Behold a list of fun-filled things to do in Detroit for couples.
This is especially nice for couples looking for a way to spend quality time together. Behold a list of fun-filled suggestions for a great date.

The River Walk

The Detroit River flows through the city, and the recently constructed River Walk has become a source of pride for the community. Here couples can enjoy an afternoon stroll, hand in hand or, if you choose, ride bicycles down paths surrounded by green areas where the nature conservancy’s flowers create a magical setting in the springtime. Gaze over the water together to take in all the cultural points the city has to offer. You can enjoy the views from sun up to sundown all year around.

Campus Martius

Few things are more romantic for a couple to do than go ice skating on a crisp winter’s day, and Campus Martius skating rink offers the perfect setting for that special date. Dress warmly because this rink is outdoors. Rentals for skates are only $ 4. Admission to the rink is $ 8 for adults and you can skate seven days a week, including holidays. The facility is safe and secure and should this be your first outing together, the friendly energy and upbeat atmosphere will help “break the ice!”

Go to Greece

Well, not exactly. But once you make your way into the heart of Greektown, you may feel as if you’re no longer in Detroit, but instead in the Plaka (the oldest section in the city of Athens) enjoying a meal. Greektown is located a short distance from Campus Martius so after skating couples can wander over to discover a wide range of restaurants serving delicious, traditional Greek dishes. While dining on some of the best food Detroit has to offer, sample Greece’s most beloved drink, Ouzo! And, no meal would be complete without dessert. Enjoy a Grecian pastry called “Baklava” drenched in honey and syrup with chopped nuts. Dangerously delicious.

Heading South of the Border

Another section of Detroit that shows the ethnic diversity of the city is called Mexicantown. One of the best ways to spend quality time as a couple is over food. The simple act of eating, along with good conversation is an intimate activity that the two of you can appreciate. Similar to Greektown, Mexicantown offers visitors a seemingly unlimited number of choices for dining out. Most every place you’ll find serves authentic cuisine for reasonable prices. There is live music in some of the restaurants that adds a nice touch to the meal to be capped off with a dessert known as flan, a custard that is covered with caramel sauce!

Bon Bon Bon Served by Babes, Babes, Babes

Attention men, it’s a good bet your date will love chocolate. Women should know men love chocolate too! A popular place to take that special someone for something extra rich and a bit decadent is Bon Bon Bon where chocolatiers make some of the best chocolate creations you’ll find in Detroit. The shop is unique in that the selections of chocolate offered are seasonal. Everyone has a sweet tooth and nothing gets to the heart like chocolate.

The Redford Theatre

The Redford Theatre is one of Detroit’s most iconic landmarks. The building is fully renovated with the intention of allowing moviegoers a chance to time travel into the past when a popular date night was as simple as dinner followed by a movie. The theatre is famous for showing all the cult classics on a rotating basis. An evening away from cell phones, Netflix and microwave popcorn offers a nice change.

North End

Another of Detroit’s historic buildings is the North End Bathhouse which opened in 1930. The bathhouse offers a variety of holistic healing services along with good food served on the premises. If you would like to partake in few hours of reenergizing and rejuvenating activities, this will make for a wonderful time together.

Belle Isle

Belle Isle Park is located where the Detroit River separates Michigan from Ontario, Canada. The area has been revitalized to draw visitors to the park which now is a popular place for couples to meet and take walks around the island. If you like marine life, check out the Belle Isle Aquarium that has become a fixture of the Bell Isla Conservancy.

Comerica Park

Detroit loves its sports teams and the excitement of taking in a Detroit Tigers baseball game at Comerica Park is high. The season runs from early April through September or, with good luck into the post-season and playoffs. There’s a long list of visiting teams to watch and tickets are affordable. Spending an afternoon kicking back at the ballpark is a relaxing way to spend time with your special someone.

Detroit Red Wings

Ask anyone who has ever attended a Detroit Red Wings hockey game to describe the experience in one word and chances are they’d say “exhilarating!” The Wings play in the newly-built Little Caesar’s Arena in the District Detroit. Make your plans well in advance since tickets can be difficult to secure for one of Detroit’s most popular attractions. An action-packed game at the arena makes for a thrilling date.

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